Old School Cabinet Makers in Melbourne

I’ve recently made the move from apartments and share houses to my very own little town house. It’s been a move into full-blown adulthood and symbolic of so many other life changes. Ikea furniture doesn’t really cut it for me any more as when I moved my furniture out of the apartment it all fell apart. I believe in paying for quality when you can afford it and hiring proper cabinet makers is the place to start.

Having the cabinet custom made means that you will get exactly what you are after. The colour, the shape and even the storage space can all be customised the way you see fit.

I spoke to a lot of people and ended up working out my designs with All Type Kitchens. I didn’t need a whole kitchen but they were more than happy to work with me just on cabinets.

I now have a mixture of draws, shelves and cupboards now tailored specifically to the space and my needs. The design is thoughtful and literally as good as I’ve seen anywhere…and it’s mine!

I do have to admit, inspiration did come from Youtube which you can see below.

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