The best bash a bride can have!

I would like to send a big thank you to the team at Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne for making my wedding day extremely enjoyable.

Let me give you a snapshot of how special they made a brides’ day.

I had contacted Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne three months in advance to ensure that I could have them booked for my wedding day. My husband and I were hell-bent on organising our limousine service before anything because we know how in demand limo hire in Melbourne is during the summer.

After we had booked the limousine, we heard from them a month later to confirm the booking and then another month later to confirm the booking again. I just loved the way they kept us informed and didn’t wait for us to give them a call.

Fast forward to the wedding day.

Having booked the limousine for 10am, you can understand we were becoming a little bit anxious. Five minutes after 9:30, I see this glamorous limousine pull into our street. My husband alerted me of the smile on my face when he saw it approaching because he knew how happy it made me.

When we all sat down in the limo, it was like sitting in a nightclub! Beautiful flashing lights, leather seats, party music, alcohol – the whole works! All 10 of us sat down and immediately this party atmosphere got the better of us and the drinks were flowing and the music was pumping! For a minute, we forgot we had our wedding we were having so much fun!

One hour later when we arrived at the venue, my eyes started watering because our wedding was only moments away. I saw all my family and friends waiting for me up on the stairs of the church but before I could go and socialise with everyone I had to thank the limousine driver for giving my husband and I the best experience we could have hoped for. Limousines can service anyone they want but this was downright the most enjoyable limousine experience I’ve ever had. I proceeded to give the limo driver a big hug and told him to thank his manager for starting our day off in style.
A week later I sent Stretch Limo Hire Melbourne a thank-you email.

If anyone has had an experience similar to this or from any other Limo Hire Melbourne company, feel free to voice your opinions and feedback!