Life Insurance In SMSF Is The Way To Go

A Self Managed Super Fund is able to ‘own’ an insurance SMSF policy. I just found this out, and it is seriously the way to go. Thankfully I managed to find the perfect option for us at The Insurance Quoter. There a few benefits when it comes to this and the main one is the cash flow. The family cash flow is not affected when it is owned by the SMSF policy.

I’m still no expert, and I’m still learning but having a company take charge, offer expert advice and information really helps. The company I dealt with were simply fantastic.

The Insurance Quoter is a company who truly gets customer service and the meaning of reliability, clear communication and timeliness.

Old School Cabinet Makers in Melbourne

I’ve recently made the move from apartments and share houses to my very own little town house. It’s been a move into full-blown adulthood and symbolic of so many other life changes. Ikea furniture doesn’t really cut it for me any more as when I moved my furniture out of the apartment it all fell apart. I believe in paying for quality when you can afford it and hiring proper cabinet makers is the place to start.

Having the cabinet custom made means that you will get exactly what you are after. The colour, the shape and even the storage space can all be customised the way you see fit.

I spoke to a lot of people and ended up working out my designs with All Type Kitchens. I didn’t need a whole kitchen but they were more than happy to work with me just on cabinets.

I now have a mixture of draws, shelves and cupboards now tailored specifically to the space and my needs. The design is thoughtful and literally as good as I’ve seen anywhere…and it’s mine!

I do have to admit, inspiration did come from Youtube which you can see below.

Storage Solutions Masters

A good bit of storage means you can run an online business from home or on the fly without needing to have somewhere to store stock. You can also change the size of you’re unit and the amount you pay based on the season and the amount of stock you’re holding onto.

As a financial advisor for small businesses, I know that one of the biggest areas people waste money is in real estate costs. Whether you rent or own, together with the associated fees these sometimes unnecessary costs can cripple your business. If you don’t need to store stock on hand, there are a heap of self storage companies who have storage solutions that are likely a fraction of the cost.

Here is an example video preview of cheap self storage.

Be sure to use the best florists in Sydney

Florist in Sydney absolutely deliver on amazing flower arrangements and bouquets. What you see is definitely what you get when you order online from a Sydney florist.

Cute young florist holding an armful of fresh flowers with a smile
Cute young florist holding an armful of fresh flowers with a smile

I have used florists in West Sydney before that promise fresh and ready to bloom flowers only to send lifeless and limp flowers or buds that are already mature and fully opened.

This is certainly not the case with Florists in the CBD, they have too much of a reputation to behold if they don’t deliver the goods. The vibrancy and garden fresh smell of their flowers is fantastic and better yet they always deliver on time. I know this because I am now a regular and have used them to send both congratulatory gifts and also to display in my own home.

You won’t go wrong if you use and florists in the CBD.

A tip from one of our friends.